About Us

Beverly Miller, Owner

I was born and raised in the San Francisco bay area, where my fashion sense was heavily influenced by my surroundings, including my immediate family. My mother took after Jackie Kennedy and the other fashion icons of the 60’s; my older sister loved chic silks, mini dresses and North Beach Leathers; my middle sister was the typical classy, preppy, cliché dresser.

Later, while working in the Couture departments of Nordstrom, I was exposed to a whole different genre of styles and honed my fashion eye even more while working with the various seasonal trends.

My most recent fashion experience – working retail in the consignment industry – has impacted not only my sense of style, but also my desire for deals.

With the opening of carpe diem, I’m focusing all of that industry experience into a high-end consignment shop that caters to stylish bargain-hunters … a revolving closet, where fashion-forward designs can be found at bargain-basement prices.

Come visit us in downtown Redmond today.

Why Choose Us

Fashion-forward selection.

A bargain isn’t a bargain unless it’s a great deal on something you really want to wear. You’ll find plenty of gems among our in-season women's fashions – all from top designers and popular labels, and all in truly “ready to wear” condition.

Open, airy and inviting.

Our store is clean and smartly organized. And if you know Beverly, you can be confident it will always stay that way. Best of all, there’s plenty of room to comfortably walk around and peruse the goods.

Oversize mirrors and dressing rooms to match.

Our dressing rooms are huge – big enough to meet your friends for lunch, tea or drinks. And our nearly floor-to-ceiling length mirrors make it easy to see exactly how you’ll look in all variety of outfits.